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Friday, January 12, 2018



I already talked with my supervisor about some personal issues.
But not mendalam sangat.
That how I'm gonna take some blood research here without any payment yang keluar.
So, she said...
Just go to ER, and admitted maybe.
Sebab untuk jadikannya inpatient and baru boleh cover.

So, i just. Macam overlah pulak kan.
But anyhow... jika itu yang terbaik.
Ok kot.
They said why not buat blood test jer,sebab i think better buat ecg check.
And all the random test yang related.

Bila pikir balik, quite ok.
Sebab lately selalu cepat penat even buat muka cool kan.

Add sikit adalah selalu headache, nausea. Takkan nak kena tukar spec baru lagi sekali?
Pastu hypo. Eh. Eh. Tapi still in control sebab always stand by candy dengan water bottles pergi mana-mana.
Penting ok.

Pasal makan. Paksa. Biar masuk, biar tahan.
Biar nampak berselera.

And nak kata ada chest pain... tak jugak. But for me. I felt it at left area? Tak logik kan.
So, let's see the result jer la.

Takut jugak sebenarnya. But yeah.
Don't wait until you become weak and vulnerable.
I need to walk away while I'm still strong.
Better kan? Camtu.

Bila nak buat?
Not in this month... sebab full dah.
So either feb or March?
Please pray for me.
Akan sentiasa update!