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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Kl gluten free


Today. I be a tour guide...again.
And our special guests had one issue.
They're gluten free people.
Sooo. Yeah.
As a last minute preparation. What can you aspect?

I just randomly message anyone i thought so they can give me some ideas about it.
Some cakap my question are the tough one. Hahhahah...

Their morning session start with church time.
This what they want.
So, i respect it.
It's better a person have a religion, something that they believes of. Rather than someone who do not have any religion. And don't believe in anything.
Dangerous duh.

And after that, we go to several places to look out about gluten free restaurant.
My first advices, Cause safe kan. But our time not so suitable for it. Bit late.
Hotel? Bit pricey too.
So, skip that.

Some restaurant in the internet said they are gluten free.
But when we go over the counter to order.
They look don't actually knew what is gluten free are.
And no confident about it.
... I also don't want to take a risk for it.

Some restaurant when i said are they have any gluten free options.
They said yeah.
But lots of noodles part.
Then they said their noodles are very special... oh ok.
And when we said, are you sure it's really gluten free?
They show us. Free green tea.
This is free...
Bruhhhh. I said gluten free. Not is it free?!
Come on.

And finally, Madam Kwan Klcc is our destination.
Thanks for the staff there. Especially Miss Suzianti. Or Suzana.
Can't really remember her name. But i remember her face.
She's really good and suggested us, nasi goreng.
And we also order satay.
As precaution she also give us the Madam Kwan recipes about the ingredient used in our order options.
And about the cooking oil they are used.
So good.
Very appreciate it.

Thanks to my sister in law for her suggestion here.
I owe you one.
So anyone who are gluten free.
You can search for Madam Kwan outlets.
Because some vegen restaurant sometimes not really gluten free duh.
Be aware about it please.